About Us

At ALOHA, all our preventive veterinary services such as vaccination, skin diseases and treatment, feather health and care are meticulously carried out by Veterinarian İrem Akyılan.

ALOHA is not just a veterinary clinic, it is a life centre for you and our pawed friends.

In our pet health and beauty centre, you can play games, chat, experience our homemade cakes, cakes, cookies and coffees in our comfortable and friendly socialising areas specially designed for you and our pawed friends.

We also recommend you to examine our delicious cake and cake menus that we have prepared for the birthday parties of our pawed friends.

You can meet all pet shop needs such as food, collars, clothes, toys for your friend from our business. You can get information about breed-specific and suitable products from our veterinarian, and you can choose the most suitable product for your friend by trying.

As Aloha team, we are aware that our little friends are part of your family. We hope you adopt us as a part of your family.


As Aloha team, we value our little friends very much

Our Services

  • Preventive medicine (vaccination practices)
  • Treatment of skin diseases
  • Pet shaving
  • Pet bathroom, drying, hair dryer
  • Nail and hair care
  • Pet boutique
  • Pet shop
  • Pet Cafe and pet service
  • Pet birthday organisation