Our lovely friends,
our priority



Happy Paws Happy people

We offer comprehensive services for your animal friends:

From vaccinations and treatment of skin diseases to professional pet grooming and birthday events. We are also at your side with our premium services such as boutique shopping, hair care, and socialisation areas for your pets. Choose us for quality and reliable service!

Services we are very good at:

Preventive Medicine
Pet Hairdresser
Diagnosis and Treatment
Pet Cafe and Birthday Services
Pet Shop and Boutique

Why Us?

Personalized Care

The health and care routine prepared by our veterinarian by choosing the right methods for your friend's health and beauty needs will help you live a healthy and happy life with your pawed friend.


A cafe area where your pawed friend can make new friends, play games, socialize and have birthday parties.

Hygienic and Intimate

Providing the most hygienic environment for our pawed friends is one of the things we value most. At Aloha, we offer you and your friend a friendly and hygienic environment.

Pet Hairdresser

Professional pet grooming, pet bathing, drying and blow drying service. Nail and hair care.

Pet Service

We know that transportation with our pawed friends can sometimes be challenging. That's why we can bring you to our clinic at your appointment time and drop you back home with our pet shuttle service. Their comfort is our priority.

Pet Boutique and Pet Shop

You can find many products for your pawed friend's basic needs, play and entertainment needs, clothing and care needs at Aloha.