Puppy Care For Dogs

The First Day

It’s perfectly normal for our little friend to be frightened and try to hide when they first come to your home. Don’t force them to do anything; let them come to you on their terms. Also, keep in mind that puppies spend a large part of their days sleeping. There’s no need to worry; they’re just growing! 😊

Initially, confine them to one room in your home. Don’t give them access to the entire house right away because they are very small, and the house is quite big.

Prepare a special, safe space for them where they can feel secure. This could be a crate with a door, a cozy bed, or a similar item.


Normally, puppies are breastfed until they are 6-8 weeks old, and this is the healthiest option for them. However, for puppies that don’t have access to mother’s milk, special puppy milk powders formulated for this purpose can be used safely.

Dental Health

Dogs shed their baby teeth and develop permanent teeth between 4-6 months of age. Tartar buildup on teeth typically begins around 1.5 years of age, so dental care becomes important from that point onward. It’s essential to instill the habit of brushing their teeth starting from their puppyhood.

Vaccination Schedule

Vaccinations should start at around 45 days of age. After the initial vaccinations, internal parasite control should be repeated every three months, and rabies, core, and bronchitis (kennel cough) vaccinations should be administered once a year. After the initial vaccinations, as they begin to go for walks and venture outside, external parasite control also becomes crucial.


The most critical period for a dog’s socialization is between 2-4 months of age. During this time, the more they socialize and are exposed to different stimuli (such as traffic, different breeds of animals), the easier it will be for them to adapt and develop social skills.


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