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Fungal Infection in Dogs

Fungal Infection in Dogs Fungal infection in dogs is a contagious disease that can be dangerous for dogs if not treated in the early stages.

Puppy Care For Dogs

The First Day It’s perfectly normal for our little friend to be frightened and try to hide when they first come to your home. Don’t

Trimming and Bathing Cats and Dogs

Trimming and Bathing Cats and Dogs Cats and dogs do not naturally require trimming. This is because they undergo periodic seasonal shedding. However, we cannot

Cats During Pregnancy

Cats During Pregnancy The most important disease transmitted from cats to humans during pregnancy is toxoplasma infections. The causative agent is a parasite called Toxoplasma

Can Cats and Dogs Be Given KE?

Can cats and dogs be given kefir ? Kefir is categorized as a “superfood” all around the world, and it’s as beneficial for our furry